Do we really know who we are?

“My Identity Journey” is a concept of personal development that can help you to get deeper understanding of your identity and help you to get closer to the answer of famous question “Who am I?”

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“My Identity Journey” will give you many insights about the process of continuous re-creation of yourself into something larger, better & different. Through the lenses of this model, self is viewed as dynamic, multidimensional structure of multiple identities. These identities have different qualities and can be invoked individually or simultaneously in different situations, besides that we can experience and describe them through our senses. Once evoked, individuals’ actions are directed (on conscious or unconscious level) at having oth­ers verify an identity or identities. At the same time, these identities act as filters of selective perception and interpretation. Aim of this work is not to give the truth but a useful map for self-discovery and personal journey to find our own truth that will help us achieve specific and measurable results in the real world.

Who is it for?

In general this workshop can support any individual who is on the journey of self-discovery or who would like to achieve more inner peace and more happiness.

More specifically, this workshop can support:

Professionals (experts and managers) who:
- Have an important goal to achieve
- Want to improve their performance and work quality

Coaches who:
- Want to experience new and innovative coaching methodology
- Have a need to have better self-awareness in order support their clients in better way

Business owners who:
- Are struggling with organizing their time and business opportunities
- Need more balance in their life

Parents who:
- Feel that they lost themselves during kid upbringing
- Are at a crossroads in your work or life
- Want to break unuseful habits and change it for useful ones
- Want to learn how to support kids in their development

Why is it valuable?

This workshop will help you to come closer your true self.

Through this journey of self-knowledge and self-discovery you will cross over the limits and boundaries of our self-imposed ego identities, and ultimately get in touch with real, core identity, which we call the Sparkle.

Once you can perceive and grasp your own Sparkle, you will be able to recognize the same Core Identity in others. In that way, as individuals or coaches, we will be able to reach and support others on a global scale. Once we recognize our birth given purpose, and we will be able to leave a legacy to the next generations, even to the Human kind.

During this workshop you will gain:

Highly skilled and structured support to get more clarity about who are you and who you need to become in order to get what you want
New and lasting shifts in perspective that lead to transformation of past problems
The motivation and support you need to move forward

How is it conducted?

Workshop starts with defining the topic you would like to address during the workshop, and the desired outcome.

Once you have a clear sense of your desired outcome, you’ll be invited to pay attention to it in many different ways, such as drawing a picture or diagram, researching the symbols that have appeared in your ‘metaphor landscape’, writing, thinking or sensing it.

The topic you choose to work is completely up to you, although we do suggest you spend time thinking about it beforehand, in order to make the most of your time with us. Craft your answer to the question, “What would you like to have happen?” so it sums up what you want as clearly as possible. It can be as ambitious – or not - as you want it to be.

Here are a few outcomes others have worked on:
“I want to become more self-referenced, rather than spending all my time satisfying others’ needs.”
“I am two years off retirement and I’d like to pack up earlier but I don’t know what I want to do.”
“I’d like to understand why I’ve got to be interested in so many different things.”
“I want to come away from this weekend being a more complete person in my own right. I want more self-belief.”
“I need to learn how to be more direct.”
“I want to be in control of my life and my work, not having decisions made for me by other people.”

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